Marshall Steven John

Носитель языка.
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Английский язык.


University of Santa Clara, Faculty of Political Science , программа – Political Science major.

О себе


My name is Steven. I d like to offer you my services. Im a certified TESOL Instructor who uses effective and efficient methods of teaching, while focusing on the individual needs of each student.
Three years of teaching English to foreigners has helped me to get and develope different skillsets, so now i can:
1) Teach almost any person to speak English
2)I feel comfortable performing before an audience
3) Im conversant in personality characteristics so i can get on the right side of anybody. Even alien
4) Im patient, encouraging and highly creative If u re interested, drop me a line please.

For those who are interested in hiring a native speake
Attended a Russian language course in Moscow for one whole year.
Worked in various private schools as a teacher of English.
So far have had more than fifty individual students from the age of eight to sixty

  • Английский язык от 1400 руб. за 90 мин.
    Подготовка к ЕГЭ от 1 400 руб. / 90мин.
    Подготовка к ОГЭ (ГИА) от 1 400 руб. / 90мин.
    Удаленные занятия от 1 400 руб. / 90мин.
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